Much more than your typical makerspace

Workshops, Classes, Projects, and Programming for the whole family

Awesome Equipment

laser engravers
CNC routers
3D printers

Diverse Programming

We train users of all experience levels and monitor closely until you are safety certified on each piece of equipment
workshops for rookies
in-depth classes for makers
group meetings
family workshops
home-school engineering/technology courses
private school shop classes

Exceptional Value

We are motivated by service not profit. Our business plan is to have many different clients paying a little, so the community can benefit a lot.

Family Friendly

We aim to have generations working and learning Together...safely. We train adults and help them work safely with their kids. There are designated areas where kids can learn age-appropriate skills without exposing them to safety concerns of the primary shop areas.

Mentors & Makers
Open shop M-Sat: 1-8 PM
Extended hours available for safety-certified members
3900 Hwy 6 South Frontage Road Suite 106
College Station, TX 77845
(979) four 92-8960

Let's build something...together!

These are 1-3 hour sessions giving you the basic introduction you need to get started exploring a brand new possibility.

Sometimes you just want a taste to see what you've been missing.

These last 2-10 weeks meeting 1-2 times per week.

Once you like what you've seen, the time may come when you want to dive in deeper. We're not talking professional certification but you'll be very capable by the end of a class...we'll go beyond the basics and into some of the nuances of a new "tool" in your making arsenal.

Of course, members have open access to the shop. "Freeplay" if you will.

Makers love to learn new skills in workshops and classes. But, putting things into practice is "where we live." Your project, your schedule, in your new creative playground.

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Creating Amazing Memories

...and making a real impact.

YOU to make something special.