We want to create a M&M facility in Bryan to offer STEM training for underprivileged youth and workforce training for the homeless and unemployed. In order to do so we need to either make the present M&M location sustainable or we need to close it.
Right now, M&M revenue is about 33% of the cost (rent and utilities). If you want M&M to continue serving College Station families with evening classes, weekend activities, and a family oriented maker space, now is the time to help make it happen.
  • If you’ve been thinking about a maker membership, sign up now. Contact us to make an appointment to come in.
  • If your schedule is tight and you only have time for occasional use, sign up online for our new $20/mo basic membership. From our Jackrabbit portal, click Enroll inĀ Membership-flex20
  • If you don’t have time for making, but want family members to learn a new skill, sign up for an multi-session class now. Options beginning in January include Computer Aided Design/Drawing, Maker Universe, Modern Making, Practical Skills for Lifelong Learners.
  • If you value the resource for the community, but it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle or location, then sign up as a supporter (click “donate” on the website).
  • Please share this information with anyone and everyone that might be interested.
Please act quickly. We won’t renew the lease for the existing space in the Spring unless we see a sustainable future.