Thanks to a gracious landlord, Mentors & Makers still have a home in College Station. She has agreed to a month-to-month arrangement as the M&M community continues growing towards a sustainable goal. Come join the community and help us make our current location a permanent home.

Why People Join

People join the M&M community for all kinds of reasons. Some want to learn new skills. Some recognize that the quantity of equipment and efficiency of the shop makes every project easier. Some just want a heated/cooled environment. Then there are those whose primary motive is to share in the community.

What We Mean by “Community”

Here’s how things play out. Someone comes by for a tour for some individual reason. After seeing what is available and what is going on, they usually have a lot more reasons to join. After joining, they spend some time with the manager or with other members to get certified in the shops they want and the equipment they need. Together we look for ways that each new member can benefit from and contribute to the community. Maybe it’s teaching a class for kids or other members. Perhaps it’s building  a jig for their own project and making it available for others to use. Sometimes it’s in researching whatever tool/skill they are interested in and sharing what they learn informally with others. There are also plenty of facility improvements members can contribute to. We don’t assign “chores.” Community Members just “do what they do,” and while doing so, look for ways that also improves the work space for everyone.

How to Join the Fun

  • If you’ve been thinking about a maker membership, sign up now. Contact us to make an appointment to come in.
  • If your schedule is tight and you only have time for occasional use, sign up online for our new $20/mo basic membership. From our Jackrabbit portal, click Enroll in Membership-flex20
  • If you don’t have time for making, but want family members to learn a new skill, sign up for a multi-session class now. Consider various evening and daytime classes listed on our schedule page.
  • If you value the resource for the community, but it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle or location, then sign up as a supporter (click “donate” on the website).
  • Please share this information with anyone and everyone that might be interested.
We have a great facility at our disposal. Let’s make the most of it and build something together.