Launching the Community:

all-hands-in_pledgeMentors & Makers is an ambitious vision. It will take quite a while to build-out the facility. It will also take some time to build the community. In some sense, it is a chicken and egg scenario. The facility finally evolved to a point where members can work safely and start enjoying the collection of tools, equipment, fixtures, and jigs. As the collection evolves and the community grows, we'll soon launch the programming in earnest.  Yes, you can make a lot of things in the facility even now. But, just wait until you see what kind of impact we can make when the learning, teaching, and sharing programs start to roll out.

This Blog is the beginning of some of that programming. Want to know how things are evolving even when you are not here to see it? This is the place where you'll get the news and can review valuable information in the archives. Here you'll find examples and, hopefully, inspirations. Also, you'll find invitations to join in the current projects that are evolving the Mentors & Makers resources.

Watch Out. Very exciting times ahead!

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