Our society is seeing an increase in “making.” Some view the┬ámaker movement as a resurrection of lost craftsmanship, some as a means to reconnect generations, others as a symbol of independence. Regardless of your personal history with making or your present ability to actually participate, we hope that you’ll agree that having a makerspace here in College Station is a valuable investment.


We primarily see Mentors & Makers as an opportunity for people to learn and impact others. It’s never been about business. It’s about community. We enjoy teaching people new skills, new technologies, new methods.┬áBut, most of all, we enjoy opening new doors for creativity and relationship.

If you want to help us continue serving Bryan/College Station families, please consider a monthly donation:

  1. Simply follow our Jackrabbit registration link below.
  2. Register in our system, then,
  3. make up fictitious students and “enroll” them in our M&MSupporter20 or M&MSupporter100 “class.”
  4. (you’ll be billed monthly, either $20 or $100, for each student that you enroll in those make believe classes)

jackrabbit registration

If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate so in the comments section of the enrollment form. Otherwise, we’re likely to let everyone know that you are a valued part of what we are trying to do.


Of course, we also take equipment donations. Please contact us. We’d love to talk.