Summary of iMake Membership Privileges

The iMake membership is for individuals who want selective access to the facility on afternoons and evenings.

  • iMake members have access from 1pm-8pm M-Sat. (alternate hours may be available after member completes tool certifications and a background check).
  • iMake members get 20% discounted rates on summer camps and classes for kids. Members may audit workshops for free. iMake members who wish to reserve an active seat in a workshop receive a 20% discount.
  • iMake members pay the discounted member rate for hardwoods and materials. Generally the rate is 20% less than the public rate (which is generally less than available mail-order).
  • Spouse and children are allowed to accompany the primary member without additional charge.

Summary of iMake Membership Costs

  • The monthly membership rate isĀ $45
  • There is an additional $10 monthly processing fee.
  • A 12-month contract is required. Early cancellation forfeits the remaining membership deposit.
  • A $120 membership deposit is required and is refunded at a rate of $10 for each month that monthly community service is completed and auto-billing is uninterrupted.
  • Requires Community Service agreement (1 hr/week or 4 hrs/mo improving or maintaining the M&M facility and M&M service to members).

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