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Still Here…Growing a Little Each Day

Thanks to a gracious landlord, Mentors & Makers still have a home in College Station. She has agreed to a month-to-month arrangement as the M&M community continues growing towards a sustainable goal. Come join the community and help us make our current location a permanent home. Why People Join People join the M&M community for all […]

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Should M&M Move or Expand?

We want to create a M&M facility in Bryan to offer STEM training for underprivileged youth and workforce training for the homeless and unemployed. In order to do so we need to either make the present M&M location sustainable or we need to close it. Right now, M&M revenue is about 33% of the cost […]


Classes and Workshops are Ramping Up

Being a Maker doesn’t mean you know how to make everything you want to. It means you Want to make! Most makers we know have a backlog of skills they want to learn. We absolutely enjoy learning things on our own. But, sometimes we need a boost up on the learning curve. Other times, we simply need […]


Looking for structured activities and classes or simply a time when no programming is scheduled? Either way, the weekly calendar should help.Register for workshops, events, and evening classes (4-session and single session) through our Eventbrite portal  Register for Summer Camps and Extended Classes via our Jackrabbit portal (click the button to the left). Follow this link to […]

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Every Makerspace Needs a Big Old Stump

Sometime size does matter. I’m always a little saddened when I see a huge old tree chopped into pieces and discarded on the curb. There is so much missed potential in all that wood. Since originally planning the Metalworx shop, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a big log to be the center piece. […]

Makerspace Summer Camp

Summer break means fun! But, it doesn’t mean the learning has to stop.We have diverse summer camps for diverse interests and schedules.Note: All camps are scheduled for one week (Monday-Friday) with the exception of the July 4th camp (that runs Wed-Friday and gives families Monday to celebrate July 4th).Step 1. Read through the descriptions of […]


Kids Room Viewing Portals

The Kids Room will be a great place for the “littles” to start their making journey. But, to be a good learning environment, it needs to be a safe one. Those viewing portals into MetalWorx, CNC plasma room, and the Woodshop need panes installed.