How we got here

So, you want to know exactly how a history of robotics-volunteerism has inspired the creation of Mentors & Makers? Michael Wienen states that, as an adjective, robotic has come to describe mundane repetition of actions completely void of creative thought. It's ironic that robots, actual robots, have inspired thousands of local youth to dive into the waters of creativity...swimming deeply and coming back for more. High-tech robotics programs have proven themselves locally as an effective educational lure. We'll see how "high technology" accounts for less of the lure than we thought and how applied creativity is the real reward these students are drawn to. This hypothesis is spawning a new generation of local educational programming.

Valuable Mentoring

Mentors & Makers is perfect for those new and experienced with tools of all types. Share your skills and learn some new ones.

Experienced Team

Over twenty years of educating and mentoring youth in the Brazos Valley.

Dedicated Support

As a member you'll get support direct from the facility developers. So if you ever have a question, just get in touch and we'll be on hand to assist.