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Bible Time Machine (4 hr/day)

This design and problem solving experience is unlike any other. In this workshop, we’ll build a 20 foot long Rube Goldberg machine representing the historical timeline as recorded in the Bible. It is a non-threatening presentation of the Bible story and is appropriate for students of any faith and religious background.

  • Younger students will work with cardboard and other familiar craft materials to explore and embellish prescribed simple mechanisms.
  • Tweens will learn new creative media including plastics and CNC-cut plywood/foam/cardboard.
  • Older students will design and fabricate their own advanced mechanisms which may include 3D printing, basic electronics, and motorized components.

Appropriate for ages 7+, however students under 10 require an active guardian to work with them.  [Read More]

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Tongue Drum (4 hr/day)

We'll be making percussion instruments out of wood. The week's activities will culminate in a type of Tongue Drum (check out the video) Along the way, students will learn to use a scroll saw, band saw, sander, and laser engraver. They'll also learn proper techniques for gluing and finishing. We won't get the tuning right and we can't teach how to play like the video...but, this camp is a start.

Ages 10+ (younger students may be eligible if they have demonstrated exceptional discipline or they have an active guardian to help them progress through the project for at least part of each day)

Price includes required material.

Puzzle Box (4 hr/day)

It looks like a simple box, but, how in the world do you open it? (some simple examples) Puzzle boxes vary greatly from one category to another and you can add a lot of individuality even within a category. We'll learn basic woodworking, a little about types of wood, how to do quality glue-ups, quite a bit of problem solving, and the necessary visualization (drawing) skills to conceive and make a wooden puzzle box. It will take at least two hours per day for a week to make a basic box. 

Supervised shop access from 1-5pm each day for a week. Teaching time will be from 1:30-3:30pm each day. The rest of the shop time will be individual project time with a shop supervisor on site. Appropriate for ages 11+ (exceptional 10 year olds)
Cost includes material.



CNC Router (2 hr/day)

A computer controlled router (CNC machine) and carve amazing shapes out of wood (and other materials as well). In this camp, we'll learn how to create a computer model that can then be cut out and assembled. Students will learn a little CAD (computer aided design), a little CAM (computer aided manufacturing), and a little general woodshop (hand tools and sanding).

Some camps will start with a prescribed fighter jet and make minor modifications to create their unique design. Some camps will design a realistic-looking pinewood derby race car (modeled after nascar or formula 1).

Appropriate for ages 9+


Creative Cardboard (2 hr/day)

Students will be amazed at the many different methods one can use to make various structures out of cardboard. We'll learn various techniques that will open worlds of possibility at home.

Techniques experienced will include laminating for strength, "slicing" for topographical detail , strength from geometry, architectural modeling, and using projectors to transfer designs.

Appropriate for ages 7+, however, students under the age of 10 require an active guardian to help them progress through the projects.


3D Printing (4hr/day)

3D Printing is a hot topic for many tweens. Enroll them in this camp and leverage their enthusiasm to learn more about engineering and electronics than they might imagine. They'll learn the basics of 3D printing. But, much more valuable, they'll learn important elements of engineering and design:

  • basics of Computer Aided Design (CAD),
  • basic electronics to motorize creations from scratch (not those kit robots you might be familiar with),
  • some important principles of mechanical engineering design.

Specifically, participants in this camp will design motorized creations to enhance the BTM camp (Bible Time Machine camp) that meets separately. After the BTM demonstrations, your student will keep the motorized contraption they create. More importantly, they'll take home the know how of creating basic "robots" and other fun mechanisms from inexpensive materials.

Students will learn from modeling and printing prescribed designs. They will then have opportunity to model and print their own creations.

Ages 10+


Mom & Me (2hr/day)

This opportunity is practically unheard of. Mom, come learn and work alongside your kid(s). Together with a mentor, we'll work 2 hours/day for a week to learn safe tool usage and to make one incredible project. Class size is limited to three families in a "camp."

If all families agree ahead of time, the week's project may be changed to any one of the following: Scrap Table, Puzzle Box, Cutting Board, Doll House, or multi-level Cat Castle.

Appropriate for ages 8+ (with Mom). 
Students 11+ may participate without an onsite guardian.

The Scrap Table and Cutting Board projects each have additional $40 hardwood material fee.